05 Feb 2015

The vineyard of Samos is unique: 1,600 hectares of vines, rest comfortably on their terraced perches surrounded by the lush vegetation of this incredibly verdant island. The sight is unforgettable and belongs to one of the prettiest wine landscapes in the world. It is also, what ensures the specificity of our wines.

Eight hundred meters above the Aegean Sea, the slopes of Mount Ambelos form a sprawling amphitheater with tier upon bursting tier of grape vines that bask in sheer tranquillity and blinding sunshine. If you’re lucky, somewhere in the distance you may catch a glimpse of a villager or two getting to work: and there you have it, the grand crus, the select vineyards and, by extension, the wines crafted in Samos.

Most of the 25 villages belonging to the Samos wine terroirs lie in the northern part of the island, the part that has been the least affected by tourism. Most of the vineyards are in mountainous or semi-mountainous areas endowing grapes with the perfect gift: the chance to mature slowly and surely, attaining rich sugar content, indispensable for the creation of the divine sweet muscat wine.

The soil in these areas is deep, offering perfect drainage and forcing the roots of the vines to forage downward within the earth in pursuit of nutrition, producing perfect fruit which will produce the luscious and tasteful wines of Samos.


Photos: Tountas Giannis