18 Feb 2016

Samos is the only area in ​​Greece, where, since 1980, the orchid is exclusively cultivated from two units of systematic cultivation. This certainly has not happened by chance. It has happened primarily due to the ideal climatic and soil conditions of the island and due to the fact that there were the right people – scientists, who envisioned the cultivation of this plant of such exceptional beauty and of course succeeded. So Samos, having this exclusivity today, can be nominated as a “core” of cultivation and connects its name with orchids. Samos has also become a point of reference and orchids are exported worldwide. Therefore, the potentiality for enlargement and production increase is huge.

The varieties which are cultivated are mainly orchids CYMBIDIUM STANDARD (large flower) and CIMBIDIUM MINI (small flower), through modern systems and modern techniques and under the scientific control and technical monitoring, support and supervision of the people who made their dream come true.